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Unique solutions

Even more possibilities with Camera Rigs

With Camera Rigs and Software Modules we use the particular strengh of inkjet technology, to serve demanding production requirements. These combinations of hardware and software solutions can be used with existing print systems or they can be connected with our Print Rigs.

Camera Rigs are designed for the inspection of the substrate and the analysis and improvement of the print result.

Different cameras can inspect and evaluate the print result, the print system and the material handling.

Precise detection 

The printing area can be exactly detected and the print file and jetting can be changed to meet variations in the material handling.

Inaccurately positioned substrates

In combination with Camera Rigs the exact placing of a substrate can be detected and misalignement or distortion can be compensated with the help of software modules  

Small printing areas

Camera Rigs can help to accurately detect small printing areas like edges or narrow objects. This enables printing on challenging objects while simultaniously decreasing overspray. 

Compensate distortions

Fix distortions in an existing material handling, print engine or adapt print data to 3d objects 

Bad print results due to misalignment

Detection and improvement of print results that are caused by shifts between print engine and substrate handling or in axes

3d controller with light grid on it

Printing on formed substrates

Scanning of surfaces and objects to adapt the print data to uneven substrates. For example for direct to shape printing on molded objects, embossed substrates, corrugated substrates etc.

Printer with a circular material handling

Inconsistency in the material conveyance

Balance irregularities in the material handling – no matter if caused by missalignment or by a special way of conveying the substrate – by changing the image files based on the camera analysis.


Optimisation and quality assurance 

Detect production rejects and improve missing nozzles, irregularities and general print quality.

Check for exclusion criteria

Detection of rejection criteria such as:
Machine readability of codes, deformations, material damage etc.

bad inkjet printing results

Inkjet Worst Case

improved inkjet print results

Same Hardware, but printed with n-art-m technology

Print optimization

Detection and compensation of inconsistencies in the print image. For example, due to variation in voltage between individual print heads, nozzle failures or process difficulties

Problems in the print process can be detected by analysing individual droplets on the substrate. Based on a list of causes, the process can be optimised in a time-efficient manner.

Missing nozzles are detected with the camera unit and are improved depending on the process and application.

Satellite occurrence

Small droplets outside the grid

Delayed start of printing

Missing or too small drops at the beginning of jetting

Substrate and ink compatibility

Converging ink droplets

Detect missing nozzles

A series of missing droplets in the print image

Determine surface tension

Growing droplets on the substrate


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