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Inline Inkjet Print Systems

Configurable industrial printing lines

A reliable, easy to integrate solution for various applications and their requirements.

No specialist knowledge needed

Easy integration, maintenance and operation of the system

High machine availability

Unique service concept and level of quality assurance due to the modular design

Adaptable & Flexible

Set up a wide variety of printing lines with standardised components

Low entry costs

Scalable hardware and software solutions

Easy budgeting

Fixed prices and service plans for predictable costs

Inkjet print systems

Core of our printing technology

The core technology of inkjet printing is combined in our Print Modules. Thus, a Print Module as a component is an independent small-format industrial printer.


Specially developed controller unit

Powerful electronics for fast data processing and interpretation of sensor data.

Print Rigs

A solid frame

Precise positioning, supply and care

Print Rigs provide the mounting for the Print Modules and supply them with power, data and printing fluid.

For printing on a desired substrate, the rigs are positioned next to a substrate conveyor. This creates a fully integrated printer, specifically suited for printing on the conveyed substrate.

Included are:

  • Mounting frame for Print Modules

  • Automatic Cleaning Station

  • Axes to automatically position the Print Modules in the print area and in the maintenance area

  • Automatic cleaning station for cleaning, maintenance and protection of the Print Modules

  • Ink/printing fluid container

  • Cleaning fluid container

  • Gateway Module to control the Print Modules and the Print Rig 

System composition

Custom combinations

Combining Print Modules and Print Rigs to print systems

Print Rigs are available for different print widths. Depending on the desired print width, they can hold a fixed number of Print Modules and synchronise them to create a complete colour row.
Based on the desired number of colours or printing fluids, several rigs are combined to form a complete print system.

Risk minimisation through scalability

Modularity makes it possible to develop a project or a printing process step by step. For example, print systems that consist of only one Print Module or one colour can be expanded later.
This allows the feasibility of a concept to be tested without a large initial investment or using a prototype technology that grows obsolete during the course of a project.

Inkjet printing on various substrates

A modular system to serve a wide range of applications

Inline integrations, specialised printing systems, single-pass or multi-pass print processes

Print Rigs, Camera Rigs and Peripheral Rigs can be combined to form a production line. The different rigs communicate with each other and are synchronised.
With this modular system, complete solutions can be configured for any printing application.

Virtually limitless:

In combination with different inks or printing fluids, the requirements of a wide range of applications can be met, while the standardised modules ensure reliability.

  • Combine different resolutions

  • Combine different ink types and printing fluids

  • Integrate analysis possibilities

Easy installation

Quick & easy integration

Only a few steps to fully integrate the modular technology

Schema Digitaldruck Anwendung Bestandteile

n-art-m parts

customer parts

optionally provided by n-art-m

Service Concept

High reliability,
easy replacement

Unique service concept due to the modular design

Replacing Print Modules is quick and easy with just a few screw and plug connections.

With replacement modules in stock, production can continue without downtime, while any necessary service work is carried out by our specialised staff.

To ensure high reliability and print quality at all times, there is a fixed service schedule for our Print Modules: Modules are simply sent in for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

No waiting for the service technician

Remote support is possible at any time via an LTE connection. This concept requires no inkjet expertise from the operator and ensures the highest possible machine availability. 

Only remote support is required for the commissioning.

Camera scan of a print area
Camera Rigs

More possibilities

Optimise processes through optical analysis

In addition to Print Rigs, we offer specialised Camera Rigs. These are used to inspect the substrate and to analyse and correct the print result. The recordings of the camera are used to adjust the print data and optimise the result without extensive changes to the hardware.

Camera Rigs enable more complex printing processes and an optimisation of the print quality - even with already installed printing systems. 


Easy access to the controls

Control the print system from a wide range of devices

For controlling and monitoring, the web-based Centurion User Interface is part of the scope of delivery of each print system.
The UI is easily accessed via a PC in the same network as the print system. It only requires an installed browser to access the user interface.



Alternatively, it is possible to operate the Print Rigs and Print Modules via a REST API.

Laptop with Centurion User Interface
Customised print systems

Not what you are looking for?

Special solutions for a wide variety of applications

Many requirements can be served with the Print Rigs. However, we also use our Print Modules for custom-made products and for the development of specialized small series.

Let us discuss your individual requirements and find a suitable solution together.


Cylinder-Multipass Printer


Got an application in your mind?

For questions, queries or orders you can reach us by phone or email.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Examples for inks and print fluids

  • UV ink

  • Solvent ink

  • Waterbased ink

  • Pigment ink

  • Oil ink

  • Food compliant ink 

  • Binder

  • Primer

  • Varnish

  • Relief varnish

  • Silver ink

  • Conductive ink

Examples for substrates

  • Corrugated

  • Cardboard

  • Board

  • Paper

  • Metal

  • Foil

  • Film

  • PPE

  • PPT

  • PP

  • Sand
    (3D printing/Additive manufacturing)

  • Textile

  • Glass

  • Sheet metal

  • Plastic

Examples for

  • Packaging

  • Flexible Packaging

  • Cardboard printing

  • Decor

  • Direct to Shape 

  • Textile printing

  • 3D printing

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Functional printing

  • Marking and Coding

  • Logo Prints

  • Branding

  • Batch numbers

  • Qr-Codes

  • Barcodes

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