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Trial Kit for Rental

Start small

Wöchentlich mietbar

Die Mindestmietdauer beträgt 2 Wochen und ist wöchentlich verlängerbar

Schnelle Integration

Die Integration des Trial Kits benötigt kein Fachwissen und ist mit unserer Remote-Unterstützung schnell erledigt

Druckprozess überprüfen

Testen Sie den gesamten Druckprozess ohne ein industrielles Drucksystem zu kaufen

Process Development

A real proof of concept

Take your verification from the lab to your production line

The Trial Kit for Rental simulates a print process inline. Integrated at your facilities, in your production line, it offers insight in the unique requirements and challenges of your print process. The Trial Kit makes it possible to test the behaviour of a specific ink/print fluid and periphery before investing in a full-scale production system.

The Trial Kit contains the same technology as our print system for production purposes, therefore your results can be transferred to your production one-to-one.

The Trial Kit prints with one colour/print fluid of your choice and is delivered right to your doorstep.

It only takes a few steps to mount the Trial Kit.

  1. Mount the frame

  2. Add the Print Module

  3. Mount the encoder

  4. Connect the individual parts with ethernet cables

  5. Connect everything with the power supply 

  6. Adjust the settings to match your production

  7. You are done and ready to print

Scope of delivery

  • Print Module – the printing part of the Trial Kit for Rental – including the electronics, fluid supply and the print head

  • A mounting frame for the Print Module

  • Bottle for the ink/print fluid

  • Bottle that collects waste fluid

  • A roll-encoder, to be mounted on the conveyer

  • A Gateway and Adapter Module which connect the Encoder and the Print Module while also running the Software to operate the Trial Kit

  • Cables that are needed for the connection and the power supply

  • Tubes & filter for the connection of the fluids

  • Ink/print fluid & cleaning fluid

  • A manual Purge, Cleaning and Capping Station for the maintenance and protection of the Print Module

What is needed?

  • A conveyer

  • A mounting possibility over the conveyer

  • Substrate

  • Network connection for the Trial Kit for Rental

  • A PC in the same network as the Trial Kit for Rental

  • Ink or print fluid (only in case you want to use your own)

  • In some cases a product detect impulse

Rental Models

For weekly hire

Two ways to rent our Trial Kit

Print fluid included

You describe your application, we recommend an ink/print fluid and supply it to you. 

minimum rental period

2 weeks



Own print fluid

You have a print fluid that you want to test in your production. We only supply the Trial Kit without fluids.

minimum rental period

4 weeks



Additional Services

We help with your testing

Additional service and lab support you can book in case you need it

Technischer Support

Wenn Sie Fragen zur Integration oder während des Betriebs haben


Wir unterstützen Sie mit unseren Laborsystemen und führen zu Ihren Tests  gleichzeitige Untersuchungen durch


Wenn Sie fragen zu Ihrem Druckprozess oder Inkjet im Allgemeinen haben


Got an application in your mind?

For questions, queries or orders you can reach us by phone or email.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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